Program Description

Contacts:                   Leslie Emerson:  Director                                 (970) 384-5967
                                  Zabdi Fuentes:
Administrative Assistant     
     (970) 384-6071

Address:                     Glenwood Springs High Scho

                                    1521 Grand Ave.

                                    Glenwood Springs, CO. 81601


Schools served:       Basalt Middle and High Schools, Carbondale Middle School, Roaring Fork High School, Glenwood Springs Middle and High Schools.                                     .

Grades served:         7th through 12th


Pre Collegiate Program Information

Roaring Fork School District Pre-Collegiate Program offers an incredible amount of opportunities for students wishing to continue their post-secondary education. If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact the director or stop by and talk to them at any of their two offices; one at Glenwood Springs High School and another one at Roaring Fork High School.
For certain students, postsecondary education is the next logical, expected and tangible stage in the natural passage toward personal and professional attainment. These students typically come from families for whom college entrance is a familiar process; they know “the ropes.” For others, however, college entrance is a foreign practice, so it represents a deliberate attempt to improve their social, economic and professional footing. These students are typically the first in their families to enroll in any educational institution beyond high school. This attempt could be both, opportunity and risk since it is an exodus from family traditions.  
For first-generation college students, the risk for attrition is greater since they typically come from low-income families, have lower degree aspirations, are usually older than their peers, have a need to work longer hours off campus, take lighter academic loads due to lack of financial resources and/or time, and receive less support from family and friends for their enrollment. Consequently, the period for this process is a time of great upheaval.
The Roaring Fork School District Pre-Collegiate program is an academic enrichment and support program designed to guide academically motivated middle and high school students and their parents to successfully complete their secondary school career, on a timely basis, and matriculate to a choice postsecondary institution with the necessary academic and interpersonal skills needed to succeed and graduate from that institution.  It also guides parents on how to plan financially for college and how and where to apply for help. The program consists of three main components: Mentor Program, Saturday Academies, and Summer Academic Camp.
The mentor program is a year-long series of bi-weekly meetings that happen during the school day. Mentors are typically professionals from the community who know the importance of giving their time to positively influence young lives. The curriculum for these meetings include life skills, keeping abreast with current events, setting and coordinating community service, ACT preparation, personal goal setting, field trips, and guest speakers. The following are the words of one of our Pre-Collegiate students when referring to his mentor, “Bill is not only my mentor, but my best friend. I can always count on him for advice and support...he has encouraged me to set goals for myself…now I know I want to become someone important in this life.” Giovanny Anaya, sophomore student at the University of Denver.
Saturday Academies cover: basic study skills, communication skill development, college entrance preparation and registration, career exploration, college fair visits, ACT preparation sessions, etc..
The Summer Academic Camps consist in a one-week residential program hosted at Colorado Mountain College for freshmen and sophomores, and a two-week long program at the University of Colorado at Boulder for juniors and seniors. During these weeks, students experience living on campus while being expose to the rigor of academic courses designed to augment their requirements in math, writing and another area upon their return to their host high schools.
The Roaring Fork Pre-Collegiate program has the following staff: a program director, an administrative assistant, and a board or directors. It also has 23 volunteer mentors.  The program in its seventh year and provides services to over 200 students from the Roaring Fork Valley.  So far, the program has been successful in the placement of its graduating seniors into higher education at a rate of 95 percent or above. All seniors enrolled in this program have graduated high school.
The program is a partnership between the Roaring Fork School District, the University of Colorado, Colorado Mountain College, and the Aspen Community Foundation, and takes its model based on the CU Boulder program with more than 25 years of Pre-Collegiate program experience.
The program is accepting volunteers for future mentors. For more information or to volunteer as a mentor or as a participant in one of our Saturday Academies, please call Leslie Emersonat 384-5967 or by email at